Combining video and social media to reach more people.

A lot of people think that creating video takes a lot of effort, or takes a lot of money. It does not.

June 24, 2018

Combining video and social media is a very smart marketing strategy if you do it the right way. Each of these tactics when combined create a very powerful and effective marketing exposure. Think about it for a minute, when you create video recording using your mobile phone or maybe you paid someone a couple thousand dollars to do a video of you talking about your business, or maybe you created a commercial you now have a piece of content that combines your voice, imagery and thirdly time. You're creating a powerful presentation that you can share over and over again.

A social network is really a delivery system.

Now let's consider a social media system, or rather a social media network. A social network is really a delivery system, it allows us to deliver information to people in a very efficient and cost-effective way, as opposed to paying money for TV advertisements or radio advertisements

So when we combine video and social media, it allows us to utilize two of the most powerful marketing tools that we have today. The video that we create we can put it on our social media delivery system which reaches more people, more cost-effectively with more impact.

Things going viral through social media.

Have you ever seen videos on your social media timeline that have over 1 million views, some have over 3 million views, and some have over 5 million views. These videos were just created and distributed through social media and what happens is that when people like it, they spread through the network, when people comment on the video, all their friends see it causing them to come and engage the video themselves. You can see it is like a ripple effect in water. A single drop creates ripples that spread and gets bigger and gets bigger and gets bigger.


A diagram of viral marketing at work.

You've probably heard of things going viral. When content like video goes viral it is because something in the video is very engaging, very attractive, informative or interesting and so everybody who watches the video shares it. And when more and more people share the video, then it grows and grows and grows to the point where you have a video with over 1 million views.

Imagine the exposure and the publicity that this video is getting for its creators? This is possible today because of the social media platforms that we have such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and there are innumerable other smaller social media networks where people have a presence and where things can go viral.

Creating a video marketing strategy for your social media channels.

A lot of people think that creating a video takes a lot of effort, or takes a lot of money. It doesn't. Today you can use your mobile phone to take a video of yourself talking about your products or services. Show your enthusiasm about what you're doing and you are going to attract a lot of people to you.

And so simply using your mobile phone you can create videos that you distribute through the social network channels that you have. And this can be your video marketing strategy that you are using to create informative and timely content for your followers but also for your future customers. You can see how easy it is to do, don't be shy about your face, don't be shy about your voice, just do it.

Most video content that becomes viral is created with a mobile phone.

In fact, most of the video content that becomes popular is created via someone's mobile phone or someone's GoPro camera. It's very simple and the reason why these go viral is that it shows authenticity. There is no editing, there is no cutting and optimizing the video for this or that, it's simply you speaking about yourself showing your enthusiasm and connecting with people.

You can understand how this approach creates authenticity, and how people respond favourably to this approach, again because it is real. Now after you have created your video content and you distribute it through your social media channels what are some ways to amplify it?

Amplifying your content on social media channels.

So after you take the step to create your video content or multiple video content, and you have taken the second step of creating accounts on the social media channels, and then if you’ve taken the third step of distributing your video content through your social media channels, congratulate yourself because you've done something that most people may not even start on.

You are serious about your goals and you are serious about your objectives so definitely congratulate yourself. At this point, you can leave your video content on your social media channels and invariably they will percolate & grow viewership.

However, if you want to amplify the reach of your content then you want to put some money behind it. But we are not talking about a lot of money here, we are talking about $10, $20, $30 then maybe $20. This is really small amounts of money.

Don't rely on just posting content on your page

So in all the social media networks, there is the social media side and the marketing side, the marketing as in social media marketing, involves utilizing the utilizing the paid options such as on Facebook where it provides you with the option to boost your posts to a targeted group of people. When we start to amplify the content that we've created on our social media profiles then we want to start to utilize the paid options such as boosting a post or paying for a tweet or a LinkedIn post to reach more people.

Another side of facebook. Focused on marketing, targeting, and utilizing sophisticated features

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, the social media networks like Twitter or Facebook cannot allow your post to reach all of your 2,000 friends. Or else everybody's’ timeline will be filled with marketing materials. And so the social media networks prioritize what will be shown to people based on their interest, what they have liked in the past, and the amount you have paid to reach people. This ensures that people are shown advertising that is relevant to them.

So now that you know the powerful combination of video and social media, now is the time to implement it and benefit from the result that you are bound to get. Everything in business is about taking action so take the action that you've acquired from reading this and implement it towards the growth of your business.

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