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Pay Per Click

Online advertising operates on the basic principle of pay per click, or PPC. This kind of marketing is an effective way of reaching a new audience, and pay per click means how much you are paying for each user to click on your advertisement. Depending on the term or keyword you are bidding on, the cost per click can vary. Depending on who your serving your ads, the pay per click cost can change on the website, content and keywords.

When considering the focus words or keywords for your online advertising, you might want to consider SEO keyword research. Performing the right level of research behind your target search engine optimization keywords can mean the difference between effective ads and ones that just cost you a lot of money. There are several factors when considering the keywords your ads will be served through.

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Factors of PPC Marketing

These factors can include the number of clicks per month, to the cost per click and other determining factors. Keywords that are popular can often lead to lots of traffic, but can be hit or miss when it comes to conversion rate.

There are also several pay per click models that take conversion into account. These ads allow a cookie to track the user and should they sign up or buy something from your site, this can also drive up the pay per click cost. Ultimately what search engines and advertisers want is a focused user that's motivated to buy or sign up, after all nobody is serving ads just for fun.

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Why should you care about Pay Per Click?

Pay per click is a serious consideration whenever you are looking into online advertising. There are many factors that go into planning the advertising for your business, and pay per click costs are certainly a central part of the equation. Thinking about diving into online advertising and serving ads to generate revenue, consult with a pay per click expert who can help with keyword research. 

Doing so can mean the difference between wasted advertising dollars and reaching your business goals. Discuss your strategy with a PPC expert today to see how they can help you.

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