Recent Case Study

Worked with the city to build out a new site for Aguastermales Gracias, a premier hotsprings locations in Honduras.

Aguastermales Gracias, a popular natural hotsprings in Honduras. Built in 1966, it features an architecture carved from the surrounding rock. Visit the site and witness this beautiful natural wonder in Honduras

Aguastermales Gracias, needed a web presence that communicated its natural beauty digitally and I took a lot of pictures to accomplish this.

Delivering Beauty + Structure

First and foremost, this natural wonder is supervised by an incredible staff  How do you communicate the beauty of a natural hotspring to the world. Better yet, how do you communicate the beauty of a one of a kind natural occurrence? You take pictures, lots of pictures and you display it for the world to see.

In talks with the city of Gracias, apart from displaying the natural beauty of this place, they also wanted a website that would be appealing to locals and tourists. And I worked with them to deliver that presentation.

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Social Media Channels

In addition to the website development, I designed and built out social media channels for this property. From Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and ensured that they property had a presence wherever people digitally congregate. Consequently this is the most socially conscious property in the country.

An Image Driven Story

Every website is a story and the story communicates a message, whether its a story about a business, a product, or a place. And there a many ways to tell a story. I told the story of this place pictorially, from images of the staff to the interior of the hotsprings, I hopefully communicated an engaging story.

Built on Tumblr

Yes, the site was built on tumblr. Although it looks and functions like a standalone site what you see is actually a tumblr site. Carved out to function like a full fledged website. What it means is low cost to the city and a system that even visitors can contribute to through their activities.