Recent Case Study

Communicated a professional image with practical website design that garnered more commercial & residential business for client

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. Texpro Foundation Repair was a chance to do more work for a client who saw the value from a prior project we worked on.

Foundation repair is a service where your customers require and expect a professional. Creating a presentation that communicated due dilligence was the core focus of this project

Professional Presentation + Education

A house is the biggest investment that you and I make and it is an investment that we want to last a long time. Texpro foundation is a company that works with homeowners to ensure this, but first I had to get customers to trust Texpro.

I worked the company to develop educational material that would help the people better understand what was happening with their homes, because an informed customer is a good customer. Next I considered how the design and presentation of the site could structured to help leads take action, whether by looking for information or making a call. Everything was put together with the customer in mind.

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Educational Website

A customer that is empowered is better able to make decisions they are happy with. Building Texpro, the goal was to help the customer better understand their home's foundation problems and by offering information and educational material we accomplished that.

Navigable Presentation

With as much information as we had on this site, I also focused on a way to make that information easily navigable. By structuring the content in an intuitive manner customers are able to go through the site without needing a search bar. Everything is where it should be.

Hardened Website Security

Website security is important today because sabotage is now a way that hackers can disable a site. In keeping with up-to-date development standards, the site was developed with a security framework that plugs every whole a hacker or virus may use in an attempt to penetrate the site.