Recent Case Study

Guancascos Hotel & Restaurant, worked with me to develop a rich informational website

One of the most popular hotels in Honduras. Situated in the city of Gracias, the hotel is well integrated within the culture and city of Gracias.

I was glad to work with Guancascos and help them be present digitally. I worked with the owner to redefine their image completely.

Delivering Experiences + Information

It was a pleasure to work on this project simply because not only was the owner accommodating in allowing me to experience the hotel and city, the experience allowed me to truly understand what Guancascos means. Guancascos is not only a hotel & restaurant, it is a cultural icon in the heart of Gracias and the opportunity I had to work with the owner to rebrand and define its digital image was an amazing opportunity.

Guancascos Hotel & Restaurants is known by travelers the world over. Established in 1993 from modest beginings it has grown to become a staple that is well ingrained within city’s culture. Its no wonder that its tag line is “Your Cultural Connection” .

Visit Project

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Gracias Tourism Portal

When I rebuilt the Guancascos website I wanted the website to provide all the information that visitors may want, including the various activities that were available to do in Gracias. I worked with owner to identify those activities and communicate them to patrons.

Restaurant Items

Guancascos offers an all inclusive experience including tours, a full services restaurant and more. The restaurant was something the owner wanted to detail to patrons so we worked together to define the restaurants offerings from drinks to desserts.

An Incredible Design

When you visit the website, you’ll get a feel of what you’ll expect when visiting Guancascos Hotel & Restaurant. From the color scheme to the design structure we made sure that the website would be an extension of the physical space.