Recent Case Study

Ogbaru is an NGO I worked with to craft a professional image to present to the world.

Ogbaru is an NGO based in Texas that helps build small projects in various parts of Nigeria, in addition it funds scholarships in various disciplines as well.

The organization hosts events for its members and needed a centralized location to communicate its initiatives and various events. I worked with them to build a place for that to happen.

Delivering Culture + Communication

Ogbaru approached us with the insight that they needed a professional web presence in which their members can present identify and gather information from. Consequently I worked with them to build and event planning and information rich website that allows them to update as needed.

I wanted to communicate the cultural aspect of the organization in the images and so we elicited members to send pictures of various festivals and events the might’ve been a part of and we used those to craft this website.

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Centralized Communication

With a global membership Ogbaru needed a mechanism to communicate efficiently to members, its various activities. I worked together to select the right email management system, and develop a site that helped them reach their members everywhere

Self Administration

Because the organization has various events and activities that they wanted to actively describe to their members, I worked with designated personnel, instructing them on how to update and administer their website from any web enabled device.

On Going Consulting

To help Ogbaru better structure and execute on its communication, I am continually helping to define new strategies and tools to more effectively reach their members and their constituents.