Recent Case Study

A crane manufacturer and assembler needed a professional presence and worked with us to communicate a concise professional image.

Efficiently designed to reduce the need for searching, customer can easily navigate the website in an intuitive manner that displays information they’re looking for.

The goal of this project was a professional image and the color schemes were chosen by the client. I then worked within their framework to craft this concept.

Delivering Clarity + Ideas

When OMI Cranes initially approached us, they did not have a web presence but had been doing business for years. It was only after multiple prospects began to inquire on whether they had a website that they saw a need for it. Omi Cranes simply wanted a web presence and did not want to expend a large budget immediately. I understood their reservations, nevertheless I crafted a image that put the company at the top of their industry.

The quality of work is not limited to a client’s budget. Every work I put out helps clients better communicate to their customers and their peers. I know this and endeavor to help clients digitally communicate better. In return, a good work produces more clients.

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An Incredible Design

Design communicates and builds the impression with which people judge a company. Omi Cranes had been in business for years and now needed a web an image that communicated to their peers and prospective clients what they were about.

Superior Presentation

A manufacturer in the heavy industry space you can imagine has a lot of information and products to make available to prospective clients. Presenting that information in a clear and concise manner is what I helped the client to achieve.

Efficient Navigation

Navigating an information rich website can be difficult if it was not a conscious part of the planning phase. Understanding that, I made sure that the navigation of the website would be easy from a customer’s perspective.