Recent Case Study

A social media website for dreamers (Literally). This website project tracked the dreams of members.

Psychodream tracks the dreams of members in a social media environment powered by WordPress.

I worked to design a system that gives each member weight based on their engagement with other members within the website.

Social Media + Gamification

Psychodream was an interesting project that combined social media and gamification in a novel project that allowed people to translate and interpret each others dreams in a safe environment on the web.

I engaged this project for the simple fact that it was a beautiful thing to be involved with. In addition there were interesting numerous things to be learned in the process, like gamification and social media development. In addition to all that I reinforced the website with a strong security system.

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Social Community Website

Building a social community website was a chance to learn and integrate all the things that make a community website really attractive to people. From the design to its login system I built this site to be easy to use for all members

Gamification System

The more a member participates and engages with the site the higher they rank, and consequently the more things they're able to do within the site. The goal of this was help members engage with each other.


A site that is open to everyone needs to be hardened against attacks, so security plays a major role in community based projects. I not only hardened the login processes, I also implemented a firewall around the whole system. Go ahead and try to hack it.