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The website is the most important aspect of a digital strategy. It is your presence and your image that your customers and prospective clients will so we ensure that it communicates what you want to communicate to prospective clients and your current customers. Think about it like this your website is an employee that is available 24/7 to answer any questions and or concerns that prospective customers/clients might have.

Developing a website involves thinking about people, thinking about the people who are going to use it. We want the website to have a presentation that appeals to the target market, additionally, we want the website to function intuitively and ultimately help a prospective client/customer make a decision. Website development is about people, because people are the ones who we are building the website for, and they are the ones that will be using it to reach you.

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Websites for People

Your website design should communicate your message.

Consistent Messaging – The website should communicate the message that you want your customers to know about you. And this comes down to the imagery at the website conveys, it's professionalism, and it's presentation. The website should give a customer trust when they first visit and all of this is accomplished by knowing who your customers are and building a website that serves them.

Conversion Focused – Ultimately you want your website to convert visitors into customers. We do that through compelling call to action (CTAs). Your website is designed to help your visitors make a decision through forms placed in the appropriate sections of the website through to buttons that allow visitors to navigate throughout your website and learn more in order to make a decision.

Optimized Accessibility – Ensuring that your website is mobile optimized so that it can be accessed via a tablet or a mobile device, ensuring that the website is fast and loads quickly for customers and ensuring that there are no broken pages, all of these are important in building a website that functions for the customer and we focus on delivering a product that works your customers.

Engagement focused website design

A design that reflects and communicates your identity.

Brand Recognition – Your website is the first point of contact that a potential customer has with your products and or services, so we want to make sure that it is consistent at every point of contact with the customer. Sambuno builds your website to be an experience that is memorable from a presentational perspective and most importantly from a functional standpoint.

Effective Design Subtle points like your contact information, services and or products that you provide, and instructions laying out the steps to engage with your business all should be communicated clearly on the website in order to help a customer make a decision about engaging with the brand. At Sambuno we perform the research on your industry to learn about the business space furthermore we engage with you to learn about your business, your processes, and your people and from here we can build a website that helps you better market your business to an online audience.

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