What are Snapchat Geofilters?

Snapchat Geofilters 101

August 16, 2016

Snapchap is truly a social media giant these days, with millions of users all over the world. It offers users a new form of messaging that relies on images and videos that are temporary and is full of fun and quirky filters and stickers. But besides the popular dog ears and flower crowns, Snapchat has

What is a Snapchat geofilter?

Geofilters are a special type of filter that can only be used at very specific geographical locations. These filters vary from location-to-location and are a fun way for people to share the places they have been.

Originally, these Snapchat geofilters were only offered through the company, which left the number of filters fairly limited. But, eventually, they opened it up so users could submit their own filters—though they have to be approved by the company before going live—which has led to countless geofilters all over the world.

Now, there are geofilters for virtually anything you can imagine: companies use them for corporate events, regular users use them as a way to commemorate things like birthdays and weddings.

How do you make a geofilter?

Snapchat has very strict guidelines that you must follow when it comes to creating a new Snapchat geofilter. People can attempt to make their own to submit for approval, or can pay Snapchat to create it themselves. Once the design has been approved, you can then move on to mapping out your desired area and setting the dates for it to be available.

Geofilters are not always approved on the first attempt, however, so if you are looking to have one for a special event, give yourself extra time to be able to go back and try again if you have to. Also keep in mind that these custom geofilters will cost money, and the cost will vary depending on the size of the area you want it to cover as well as how long you want it to be active.

How do you find Snapchat geofilters?

Snapchat geofilters are not labeled with neon signs. To be able to find them, you need to make sure that your Snapchat account is set up to recognize filters—which you can do by going through your settings. From there, you just have to walk around and pay attention to the app. Keep in mind that these filters are only available in a certain, pre-determined area so you will not know if there is one until you are in close proximity.

You can see if there are Snapchat geofilters after you have taken a picture or video within the app. Once of have finished, all you have to do is swipe right to see exactly what filters are available.

Snapchat geofilters are a fun way for users to share the places they have been and explore the area around them. Being available all over the world means that there is no shortage of geofilters for users to find and use. So, go ahead and start hunting down those Snapchat geofilters!


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