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WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available. CMS platforms like WordPress are making it easier than ever for people to start an online empire. When it comes to picking out a CMS, WordPress is definitely one of the best choices. It's a open source platform that's free and widely supported, WordPress is powerful and robust. Despite these benefits to this CMS however, having the right level of Wordpress security is important than ever.

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Why is a security measure necessary?

Don't let your security measures lapse

One of the biggest mistakes that WordPress webmasters make is allowing their security measures to lapse. Because of the open source nature of the CMS, Wordpress security is important to any size website. When it comes to Wordpress security, there's quite a few plugins and services that can help keep your data and website safe. Here's a rundown of the different factors to consider when thinking about possible Wordpress security measures.

Secure your most important marketing tool

Website security is a necessary today

Popularity – Because the WordPress CMS platform is so popular, it's also highly targeted by hackers and malicious users. Keep yourself safe by utilizing the very latest in Wordpress security countermeasures to prevent data loss.

Plugins – Security is an extremely popular addition for any website through the form of plugins. These plugins can help prevent hackers from accessing your website, and can even alert you when users log in or settings change.

Updates – Because these malicious users use any existing or outdated security flaw, Wordpress security involves keeping your plugins and themes up to date. Security measures are constantly being discovered and patched, so when you operate a WordPress website, keep it up to date.

Caching Services – One of the best ways to keep a high level of Wordpress security is to route your website through a caching service. This keeps your website fast and easy to access, and can isolate you from the latest attacks or attempts to break into your website. Because your cached website is being served from another machine, this can provide a layer of insulation from the malicious attackers.

Backup – Of course one of the most overlooked aspects of Wordpress security is proper backup of your website. Being able to backup your WordPress install and restore it easily is a big step towards having the best Wordpress security possible.

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