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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of making a website visible to search engines. It requires understanding all the different things that search engines are looking for on your website. The goal is to make it easy for a search engine to understand what the website is about because the better the search engine understands what the website is about the more likely a search engine will show your website to a potential customer. The steps to do this is through a systematic process of accounting for all the different areas that search engines are looking for and then on to my eyes and those points so that it registers were at your website is about.

The optimization of a website is not an artistic endeavor, it is science and results that can be measured and seen. Compared to all the other marketing tactics available, search engine optimization is the most consistent and long-term option that will continue to bring in traffic and grow your customer base. It is an important step of any marketing plan and one that should be seen as an investment because the actions that you do today always have a positive ROI in the future.

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Target Market Analysis

First Step

Website analysis – The website analysis process involves analyzing the current keywords and meta-tags, looking at the ratio of content to code in your website and looking at the current positioning of your website in the rankings and the factors causing that.

Competitive analysis – In this process, we examine the keywords and the search engine rankings of competitive websites in your space, from there we then determine an effective search engine optimization positioning strategy. We will look at a couple of results that our first within your space and then from that review, we can have a better idea of where to position your website within search rankings.

Initial keyword nomination – After the steps above we can then arrive at looking at and selecting keywords that are relevant to what people are searching for and your business. What we're doing here is developing a prioritized list of targeted keywords related to your customer base. The question we ask is what would customer type when they are looking for your service and or product?

Keyword Selection

Second Step

Keyword Analysis – Selecting a keyword, or multiple keywords that are relevant to your business in the marketplace is a process of analyzing what people are searching for and how we can integrate it into the website. Keyword analysis involves looking at trends and past search queries in order to understand how to rank your website for the most relevant keywords.

Ranking Assessment – In this step, our goal is to understand exactly where you are now so that we can better assess future rankings, the way that we do this is to monitor, usually on a weekly basis your current ranking

Goals and Objectives – The step of setting up goals and objectives is to have a clearly defined plan that we are measuring for. Without this, it becomes impossible to gauge a return on investment from any programs implemented. This process involves preparing reports that document the movement of the website's rankings at various intervals and noting the improvements, and areas that might need further improvement.

Content Optimization

Third Step

Page titles – Keyword-based page titles tell a search engine initially what your website is about. Particularly it tells the search engine what that page is about.  consequently, we want to create title pages that are laden with the keywords we want our website to rank for.

Create meta tags – Meta-description are descriptive tags within the website that can increase click-through rates search engines also use these to learn about the website. In other words, meta tag helps a website signal its topic.

Strategic placements – In this process, we are integrating the selected keywords into your websites source code and current content. In some instances, we will rewrite the content of the site to be more aligned to the researched keywords.

Search Engine Sitemaps – A site map is like a map that details the location of every content, picture, page on your website. We then submit this map to the search engine so that it knows exactly what the website is about and how to go about navigating and crawling the website.

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