Media or Culture, which came first?

November 20, 2010

This is one my rambling that I though deserved a place on this blog, humor me.

The media is as much a product of its society as the society is a product of its media. The images, concepts, and dreams the media portrays are the pregnant outbursts of its relatively conventional society. The media is our collective desires, our wildest wishes, our most fantastical thoughts and our morbid ideas all rolled up into a singular deity, the Media.

The modern times started to see the proliferation of images and ideas portrayed through ever growing channels, newspapers, radios, and then the television. The television arrived and sealed the deal. Today the web is that new medium by which the media advances, though what makes the web so unique is that singular fact that anyone can create their idea of the world for others to see. Wherein conventional Media ideas are conveyed usually by groups in power, ie: governments with propaganda, companies with marketing, interest groups, etc. The new media allows bipartisanship, it allows democracy, it allows the individual to exist.

History was shaped by the media. The historical fronts on science, art, societal equality, etc was first conceived by the media; it was our hopes, our fears, and our ideals of how it ought to be that brought about advancement in all these area.

Now, can media be used and how can it affect us?

We change and adjust from the images we see on the television, from the shows that we watch on TV, we form generalities and stereotypes from everything that enters us through our five senses. The modern media caters to two the most, the eyes and ears. Our thoughts of who we are from what we have received from these five senses, in theory a society can be influenced to act, to hate, to like, and to love. It’s my theory that the individual can be influenced by the media and thus society can be influenced one way or the other.

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