Appealing to your customer is both a simple and complex job at the same time. The principles of customer appeal, such as value-based selling and understanding the emotions of your customers are simple. The active, daily practice of them, however, is more difficult. 

That does not mean that you should give up on your ongoing work to appeal to your customers. 

Instead, make yourself familiar with how to appeal to your customers until putting it into practice becomes simple. 

You will gain a major edge over your competitors who never put in the work in the form of a larger customer base, better word-of-mouth advertisements, and more satisfied customers.

How can we Appeal to Customers?

Appealing to customers relies on value-based selling. As mentioned in a previous blog post, value is subjective and based on how you present your product or service. Creating value appeals to customers

Here is how I suggest you increase your value and how to best appeal to your customers: 

  • Work with influencers in your industry. Influencers are an excellent way to get exposure onto your product, and some customers trust influencers as readily as they do a good friend.
  • Emphasize time saved. When customers are shopping, it is often because they value their time more than their money. 
  • Publish case studies and testimonials. 
  • Share brand values.
  • Never stop improving your brand image. 
  • Value-based selling. Put the needs of your customer first.
  • Be genuine. As adverts become increasingly more prevalent and overwhelming, customers are becoming more sensitive and adverse to “corporate sales speak”. That’s not to say I never include “sales speak”, but I do so to communicate my product more effectively and precisely, and only after I know my customer is listening and interested in a more precise explanation of my services.

How can I make My Business More Appealing?

Making your business more appealing relies on presenting your business in the best possible light. This means deconstructing any obstacles that would dim your average customer’s view of your work. 

Value-based selling is an excellent guideline to stick with when looking to increase your business appeal. I make sure to work with my customers during their purchase process. When I use value-based selling, customers feel that their needs are met and they have your support, which increases the appeal of my business.

Free trials are an excellent strategy. While it might seem odd to give something away for free, free trials create consumer confidence via value-based selling and reduce the initial hurdle on the onboarding process. I have had very few customers argue with “free” as an initial price point. I doubt you will, either.

Finally, my ultimate suggestion to make your business more appealing is to humanize yourself. People inherently distrust those they cannot relate to. You can see this in large corporations, and the savvy brands have worked to correct this. Tesla exists as a powerful brand thanks to Elon Musk’s genius inventor persona. The humanity of Elon Musk creates the appeal that empowers Tesla, creates value, and appeals to its customer base with value-based selling in a way that Tesla without Elon would not. 

As for yourself, your humanization will depend on your overall size. If you are an independent solo brand, (such as a freelance photographer, author, or solo entrepreneur), you might want to share some pictures of your cat, or some more personal thoughts that set your personality apart from others. 

If you are a larger multi-person company, where there is no clear singular person at the center, make someone at your center. Much like Tesla, CEO’s and company heads are often synonymous with their companies, as they are often in charge of value-based selling. However, management is not the only viable candidate for the spotlight. 

Customers can often sympathize with smaller influential people within the company, so long as they are related to the marketing. If you are in the animal care business, for instance, putting a highlight on one of your senior groomers as they explain why they enjoy being a groomer, or their love of particular dog breeds, will likely engender more appeal than spotlighting a member of your company management who does not regularly interact with the animals directly.

It might be obvious to say, but clients like to hire people they already like. Make yourself easy and pleasant to work with. Make yourself likable.

Why is it Important to Appeal To the Emotions of Your Audience?

Simply put, people are moved by emotional responses more easily than logical ones. Ironically, since this is such a cut-and-dry truth, it’s hard to state in any more complex terms. Customers might like data, but regardless of what they tell you, they want to feel like they are making the right choice investing in your product far more than they want to definitively know they are making the right choice.

My major insight on the topic is this: understand human psychology. Loss-aversion principles, humanity’s inherent bias towards those they already like, and other known quirks of human psychology will make you a better salesman once you understand your customers’ emotions and apply them to value-based selling.

What are 3 Key Factors That You Need To Consider To Make Your Product More Appealing?

  1. Create a unique selling proposition that works for you.
  2. Understand the competition.
  3. Use value-based selling to work with your customer base.

Why is it Important to Know Your Audience When Marketing?

Much of the advice I have written here can effectively be summed up as understanding your audience when marketing to them. When you know your audience, you have an edge over your competitors who do not. Your services can be tailored to your audience and create appeal far more effectively than those who remain ignorant.

Learn more about this topic in a real time conversation with an expert. Select a time below.

Know your audience, use value-based selling and they will do business with you. I cannot emphasize how simple – and how complex – the art of marketing is in the end.


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