Seven ways to help you get started with offering proactive customer support.

Your customers will talk about you. Most times it happens in their homes or on the social media.

December 10, 2017

Your customers will talk about you. Most times it happens in their homes or on the social media. You must listen and take actions to your customers' conversations if you want to offer a successful proactive support.

Monitor Your Customers Conversations

If you want to offer a proactive customer support to your customers, you can use software like BuzzBundle or Social media app to monitor your website for any comments about your products.  If your customers are not satisfied with your brand, offer an apology along with a plan of action.  If they are pleased with your brand, thank them and offer your appreciation for their business.

Proclaim Mistakes As Early As Possible

You can inform your customers if there are any mistakes before they find out themselves or spread on the internet.

Always be transparent with your customers. For instances, Email your customer about a delay if you cannot deliver their orders a day before.  You can inform them as soon as possible and keep them updated.

Contact Your Customers To See If Everything Is OK

The best way to offer a proactive support is through Post sales support. Most people miss out on a great customer opportunity because they consider shipping out the goods is the end of their transaction.

To offer a post-sales support is easy.  Just a simple message asking your customer if everything is OK with the brand will create a positive customer support experience. It will also help you to know your customer problems and take actions as soon as possible.

Provide Self-Help Options

Most customers prefer to find solutions to their problems by themselves.  Having the latest support knowledge base will help your customers find the answers to their questions and also reduce the number of support tickets you receive.

If you want to offer an effective proactive customer support, your knowledge base should include common customer problems like troubleshooting advice, shipping information, best usage practice etc. This will help your customers to provide answers to their problems from the comfort of their homes.

Provide a Live Chat Option

According to Forrester Research 2010, 44% of customers are able to get support from a live chat. The live chat option is one of the most important features of a website. Live chat also helps to convert casual browsers.

According to, live chat is the best support option for simple queries like promotions, order status, shipping or anything related to low-cost products or services. This will help you to offer a proactive support to your customers.

Most customers prefer to have someone that will assist them through the ordering process in case of any problem.

Monitor Customers Actions

If you want to offer a proactive customer support, you need to monitor and track the activities of your customers on your website. By doing so, you can send them relevant messages based on their actions. For example, you can email your customers that are yet to purchase your products asking them if they need support to complete their purchase. You can also get an application like the intercom that will help you to monitor your customer's interactions on your website and offer support based on their actions.

Monitor Support Trends

If you want to offer a proactive customer support, you need to monitor your support tickets. It will help you to find out your customers problems. If you find out any common problem that occurs frequently, take action to fix the problems as soon as possible. This will reduce the number of support tickets and also increase your customer satisfaction.


These are not the only ways to offer a proactive support to your customers. But they offer the best ways to start a support initiative. Taking a proactive approach will help you to pay attention to your customer's service.

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