3 Tips to Close More B2B Sales Leads

October 4, 2017


Part of your job as a marketer is to help generate more closings for your salespeople. When you and your sales team work together as a cohesive unit, you will find that your company will begin closing deals at a more regular rate, and with much more success. Here are some tips to help you close more of those B2B sales leads.

1. Create More Targeted Content

One of the most effective ways to help close sales leads of any type, including B2B ones, is through content marketing. When you publish relevant and informative content like blog posts, videos, and even eBooks, you are helping to create a positive and reliable reputation for your company. Potential clients will see this content as evidence that you truly do care and want to provide the best products and services that you can.

To truly know what sort of content your potential leads may be interested in, it is important to work closely with your salespeople. They can help provide tips, ideas, and other suggestions on what would be most effective in gaining more closings. The more closely you listen to them, the better the quality of your content will be, meaning you will be able to create more closings.

2. Create Useful Tools for Your Website

While you are a marketer, creating and generating sales is not all about the content you create. You should also consider working with your website engineers to create helpful tools that may make potential clients more inclined to close a deal. For example, one very popular tool that many companies are offering to their potential clients are ROI-calculators, which help to visually show them just how much money they may be able to save by going with your company.

3. Train Your Salespeople in Social Media Basics

While managing the company’s social media jobs may seem like primarily your job as a marketer, training your sales team in how to use it effectively can help the company gain even more B2B sales leads. By training them to use the popular social media channels, it gives them the opportunity to interact more directly with potential clients. This can be especially useful when it comes to trying to solve problems for clients, which will help give the company more of a positive image.

To be even more effective, consider setting up each sales team member with their own company-specific account, which will give them the freedom to reach out to your audience, create useful content of their own, and thus generate and close more B2B sales leads.

While these techniques are fairly straightforward, they can have a massive impact on the success of your company. When used effectively, you will find that your company will close more leads and start earning the company more money. The most crucial part of these techniques, however, is talking and working closely with the sales team—they will know exactly what sort of content will attract more sales. with their knowledge, and your marketing skills, you will be making more B2B sales than you can imagine.


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