4 Tips to Work With Your Sales Team and Close More Deals

Knowing What Your Clients Want

April 16, 2017

While, as a marketer, it is primarily your job to bring in sales for your company, you do not have to do it entirely alone. To further increase your ability to create and close sales, you should consider working hand-in-hand with your sales people. This portion of the business team will have a clearer understanding of the type of content potential clients will want to see, allowing you to target them more efficiently. Here are some quick and easy steps to help you start working more closely with your sales team.

1. You Need to Understand Your Sales Team

In order to better work with your sales team, you need to get to know them. When you take the time to truly talk to your various sales team members, you can learn more about their concerns and desires in regards to any potential sales deals. They can help you come up with something more effective, that will bring in even more closed deals. By talking with them and sharing information they can get into the social media game for the company as well, and interact with clients who have questions or concerns more directly.

2. Know What Clients Want

As mentioned briefly above, the sales team can provide a lot of insight in regards to the type of content that will attract clients. This will allow you to create social media posts, blog content, and even eBooks full of relatable content that clients will want to read. But, it is important that you keep the constantly in the loop with what is happening, how successful your marketing attempts are being, and in general how many new sales have been closed. You can take the information they give you regarding these different factors and work as a team to decide what sort of adjustments need to be made so your plan continues to be as effective as possible.

3. Create Tailored Content

Sure, in some cases, sales people have a basic script that they use when trying to close deals. But, a good sales person will never use the same script every single time. They will make adjustments based on whatever the client’s needs are, to help convince them to continue with your company, rather than another. The more you provide potential clients with this sort of custom, specially-tailored content, then the more they will feel that you hear their concerns and desires and truly care about providing them the best service possible.

4. Give Your Sales Team Usable Content

While working hand-in-hand with your sales team is a major benefit, you need to be sure that you are also providing them with quality, usable content that they. can provide to potential clients. You should be sure to have an eye-catching call-to-action button attached to email newsletters and similar blast content. Another step you can take is to create a sort of library of marketing content you have created and used. The sales team can then take this content and share it with clients as needed, to help show the client that your company is knowledgeable and worth a deal closing.

Your sales team can be a major help in getting more potential clients to choose you. So, instead of pretending your jobs do not intersect or have similar goals, take the time to get to know your sales team and work with them more closely. Over time, you will find your marketing techniques will become more effective, and bring even more new clients.

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