Guerrilla marketing puts your message right in touch with the consumers of your product or service.

Considering how to increase advertising without additional spending requires looking at the question from every angle. And this also includes looking at the person who is asking the question. Let’s imagine you are a new business owner, and you have a flower shop in a relatively well populated town. And so you are using advertising to create awareness with the people who live in town, and you have a budget.

Consequently you begin to ask yourself this question and if you really think about it this question is about the person who is asking the question. Because from this point it’s really about how effective your efforts are and if it is possible to increase the advertising efforts with the same budget. Knowledge of what you’re doing is the only difference between an amateur and an expert. And the only way to increase advertising without additional spending is simply to increase our knowledge.

At this point you can choose to hire a marketing expert or you could spend the time to increase your knowledge in the particular advertising channels that you are using to engage your audience.

How to increase advertising without additional spending.

As someone who is responsible for the growth of an organization, company, product, or service, you are always looking for ways to reach your audience more effectively. Usually if you are a business owner you have two options, you can either hire an expert who can effectively reach your audience, or you can spend the time to educate yourself through online marketing courses, marketing coaching programs, or seeking mentors who can help and guide you as to the best way to market your particular product and or service.

The dollar that the expert applies to a business yields a better return and so achieving more with less requires investment in outside expertise or your own education. Again so now how do we increase those returns while maintaining the same budget. How do we increase the return on investment. This is where strategies and tactics become absolutely vital in achieving those aims.

For example we have a flower shop, a particular strategy or tactic is to increase the reviews on the various platforms that helps customers find the shop. So increasing reviews on Google, on Facebook, and other such platforms is going to increase the return on investment on the current marketing campaign that the flower shop is running.

Understandably, this takes a certain adeptness at the domain of marketing in order to understand how efforts in one area can benefit the total system. This is just one example and there are numerous others that we want to engage in order to maximize the spend on marketing.

Clear strategies to increase advertising without additional spending.

When we are advertising and marketing a business, we want to have in place a reporting and analytics application that allows us to see the total operation of our marketing efforts. This helps us to assess what marketing channels are performing, and which areas are not. And a clear strategy that helps to increase advertising, or rather the results, the return-on-investment is reviewing the reporting and making adjustments. For instance allocating funds away from the poor performing marketing channels and instead applying it to the better performing marketing channels.

Optimizing business operation to increase marketing yield.

Here, let’s look at customer service. Considering the business / organization in total and reviewing the different facets that we can optimize to increase yield is something that we want to look at when the question is how to increase advertising without additional spending. For instance customer service, in this area there are many things we can do to increase the customer experience which in turn increases referrals and repeat customers. This directly equates to higher yield from our marketing efforts.

Increasing marketing yield through market research

Furthermore, understanding your target market, understanding the people who actually value and need your services and or products, will help you to shape the marketing effort in order to resonate with the intended audience. Because a lot of times without this understanding, we’re essentially throwing money at an audience that is not receptive to the advertising. Imagine marketing arthritis pills to college students.  Obviously this makes no sense.

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Effective market research is a core way we increase advertising without additional spending. The tactics and strategies are wide-ranging and far-reaching, but again it comes back to knowledge, and the more knowledge the operator has, then the more effective the result and the more yield we can expect from marketing.


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