Word of mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t happen by chance if you’re ready to give your business a boost, but you can find yourself with more sales than you can handle if you can create a group of happy customers who can champion your product, service, and or company.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Word of mouth marketing is an essential tool for businesses. It improves sales because buyers want to be sure that they are making the right decision when they make a purchase. Hearing other people saying some good things about your brand can help build a buyer’s trust that their investment won’t be a mistake.  Having a happy customer who feels to share his or her story with others is all that it takes for efficient word of mouth marketing.

But wait a minute, How can you increase word of mouth about your own company? How do you trigger discussions that make people wish to talk about your message? How do you turn consumers into passionate brand advocates through word-of-mouth marketing? Read this post to find out ways that you can get your customers to talk about your business.

Ask for referrals

Let your customers know that you need referrals. Create and promote a referral program.  Ensure you offer excellent rewards that will prompt people to spread the word. They will be happy to assist, and some customer will go out of their way to help. However, be mindful of the tone you use in asking. Ensure you don’t overdo it, be specific, and express your gratitude for your customers’ support.

Use Valuable Incentives

Offering incentives are one of the most effective word of mouth marketing strategy for turning potential customers into loyal brand advocates. An incentive lets the customer know how much you appreciate them. You could give your customers special offers that would make them feel special and privileged. Take advantage of this offer by making your customers feel like sharing their great experience with friends and family.

Publish High-quality Content

You need to create valuable and engaging content that’s worthy of being shared to become one of those brands that matter. A blog post full of relevant information can be shared by your followers and promoted using social media. The higher shares your content gets, the higher your reach. Once this happens, word of mouth will follow, and people will start referring your blog to all of their friends.

Get product ratings 

Suggestions from others are trusted sources significantly impact consumer decisions. Ask your customers to evaluate your products and services and provide feedback. Simplify the way your customers interact with your brands, leave reviews, recommendations and communicate with one another about your brand. Share this data with current and prospects customers.

Identify and engage with influencers

Getting the right information out to influencers is a modern way of marketing if done efficiently, and can lead to explosive growth for businesses. An influencer is someone who is active on social media and blogs and can promote your message and brand. Reach out to these influencers and have them as your megaphone to get your message across to hard-to-reach people.

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Final Thoughts

Word of mouth marketing strategy can be the most powerful tool to promote your brand when used correctly. When you understand what motivates your ideal customers in life and you know what things are most important to them you will gain insight on how to get them talking about your business. Apply all these steps to implement a word-of-mouth approach to your marketing campaign.


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