SEO Takes Time, but Is Totally Worth It

SEO—search engine optimization—is seen as many things: confusing, complicated, unpredictable, and time-consuming. Unlike other forms of marketing, SEO does not yield immediate results, which leaves many people wondering if it is even worth all the time and effort. But, rest assured, while it does take time for SEO to see any real results, it is definitely worth the investment.

What to Expect

While SEO is beneficial to companies in general, it is especially useful when used in combination with other marketing techniques, like content and social media marketing. This is because as your company gains more exposure, you will begin going up in search engine rankings, which will lead to greater sales numbers.

When you first start using SEO, you are not going to see any major changes in the web traffic you receive. In fact, it can take months—generally 4 to 6 months—for any real improvement to be seen. But, you will begin to notice your website gradually gaining better and better page rankings, until you can claim to coveted first page, where your traffic will rally and begin to pick up.

What Influences How Long SEO Results Take

As said before, SEO results can take a great deal of time in general, but there are other things that can affect how long it takes you to see any results. So, you will also want to keep in mind the following:

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  • How competitive your market sector is. The stronger the competition, the longer and harder you will have to work to achieve your desired results.
  • The number of keywords you focus on. If you choose one keyword to focus on, you will be able to devote all your SEO resources to giving the keyword as much exposure as possible. On the other hand, working with multiple keywords will force you to divide your time and attention, which can cause results to take longer to become apparent.
  • How you execute your SEO strategy also makes a difference. Where you publish your content, when, the type of content and the social media sites you use all play a role in how much exposure you get.
  • How much you invest is another major reason. SEO takes time and money and you will essentially get what you pay for in the end. Do your research and consider your time and budget wisely to really get the most out of an SEO campaign.
  • The SEO learning curve is another thing to consider; as mentioned before, SEO is not necessarily easy to learn and takes time to perfect. It is important that you find trustworthy sources to help you with your goals.

It many not be the easiest method of marketing, but SEO can really help to make or break a business. If you are looking to be number one in your niche, then SEO is the way to get there—it will take time, so patience is truly key. But, it will all be worth it in the end once you see how much traffic is coming in and getting converted.


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