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Every business needs a marketing plan in order to truly succeed; that is common sense. And while many people stress the need to hire an outside professional or agency, that is not actually the case. In fact, here are just a few great reasons why you should handle your company’s marketing yourself rather than going to an outside agency.

Now, these reasons as described below may seem like a tongue-in-cheek reference why hiring a professional marketing firm is actually a better way to go, however it’s really the case that if you have the time and the wherewithal to expend on marketing then perhaps you can try that. However it is the case that if one is actually running an operation, efforts are spent on running the operation as opposed to the accounting or the marketing, this is where in general one obtains the necessary support but let’s review the six reasons below

You have the time to do this yourself.

It is not like running a business is a full-time job that is full of meetings, phone calls, and generally running around and ensuring that everything is going smoothly day-to-day. So what would be the big deal in adding another 50 hours or so of marketing work a week to your plate? Sleep is overrated anyways.

There are various intricacies when it comes to marketing, and it’s a supportive function that takes up about as much time as the operation of the business. For example simply setting up a Google ads PPC strategy is certainly time-consuming. The wherewithal and the time necessary to ensure that objectives are mapped, conversions are properly attributed, and the connection between content, website, the webflow, all of this invariably takes time out of the business operation. Cost cutting is a good thing but perhaps if it is detrimental to growth, or the business operating viably, then it is perhaps not the best way to go forward

The tools are easy to use.

From Google Ads to WordPress, the marketing tools at your disposal are so easy to use. You do not need any special knowledge on how to properly use them in order to fully benefit. And SEO? That is even easier; you do not need to do any research on keywords or learn how to use them strategically in order for them to be effective.

The best way to engage any kind of effort is to engage it, and from that point you can then understand if this is something that is better delegated or something you want to do yourself. There’s such a thing as having too much responsibility in a business, if you are the one managing every single aspect of it, invariably many things are going to fall through the cracks, and as important as marketing is, it’s either you spend the time to develop every single aspect of it, or delegate it.

You can focus on the marketing plan without any distractions.

It is not like you are the one in charge of the whole business or anything. So, you will not have to worry about any workers or assistants coming around to interrupt you—by looking for signatures, answers to questions, reminding you about phone calls and meetings, and similar non-important things.

Programming content distribution into your email marketing platform is going to take at least 24 hours, not to mention the necessary maintenance required. It’s not that these things are hard to do, anything is easy after you’ve spent the prerequisite time to understand the process. Without the prerequisite experience, knowledge, and time spent on acquiring the wherewithal to engage an effective marketing operation, any effort is going to achieve sub par results.

Who needs to do research just to promote a business?

It is your business after all; you know exactly who your target audience is and what the best way to reach them is. You also know what social media sites they prefer, and what sort of content they like on their feed. You even know what your competition is doing with their marketing, so you will have no problem keeping up, right?

The necessary research in order to optimize your marketing and ensure that objectives are tied to measurable action plans is something that may take up a good bit of time outside of running your business, but you can definitely do it yourself. Just put your business plans on hold as you conduct the necessary extensive research to understand how to plan your marketing strategy. Should you utilize lead magnets? What are lead magnets? Well… these and more are just the beginning of question you’re bound to have as you begin the process of DIY

Social media does not need any special knowledge.

All you have to do is post and people will see it, right? There is no need to consider what sort of hashtags you should use, when you should be posting things, and exactly where your target audience is most active. And it is not like you have to worry about any social media etiquette at all.

Furthermore when it comes to the intricacies of the marketing platform involved with Facebook, Twitter, or Linked in, rest assure, you can figure this out yourself with a full-time investment on developing the skills, the learning and the applicable knowledge to configure your targeting parameters, retargeting and pixels, wholistic customer journey map, etc.

Just takes a bit of time, perhaps putting your plans on hold for a few months or years may be a reasonable approach as you acquire the knowledge to implement your marketing.

What can an outsider do for you that you cannot do yourself?

It is not like they will be able to bring a new, interesting, and unbiased perspective of your company. Or like they will be able to help you gain more customers by expanding your audience reach by appealing to more people.

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So there you have it. Handling your own marketing is incredibly simple to do, so there is no need to bring in a professional. Now that you know all of this, keep your company’s marketing as an inside job and handle it yourself. After all, according to this list, there is absolutely no reason not to, right?


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