Word of Mouth Marketing garners more valuable business

Social media is how you leverage word of mouth marketing today.

November 14, 2016

Back in the day people did not always have digital and print media available to them. Because of that, businesses tended to rely on word of mouth marketing. It is a form of marketing that is still popular today as a sort of grass roots method to grow their customer base. While it may sound like an outdated method, it is actually extremely effective and has a number of advantages.

Customers trust word of mouth marketing.

When it comes to opinions about a company, product, or service, a person is more likely to trust the word of someone they know over the company directly. In fact, it was found that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over any other form of advertising. By encouraging your customers to share their love for your product or service, you are reaching people more efficiently.

It is a cheaper marketing method.

While relying on word of mouth marketing alone may not be the best idea when you are first starting your business, that does not mean you cannot use it. In fact, it is a great cost-effective method. So, if you have a tight marketing budget or are looking to lower your expenses, turn to word-of-mouth.

Referrals mean loyalty.

As mentioned before, referrals mean a lot to consumers. Customers that come to your business through a referral will be likely to buy more of that product or service and also become a repeat customer. Not just that, but they will be likely to refer you to their friends and family–helping your word of mouth marketing campaign spread even further.

It is great for building your brand.

It can be incredibly difficult to build your brand as a new small business. Not only are you unknown to consumers, but you are also having to compete with bigger, more established brands. Word of mouth marketing allows you to build brand recognition and create positive feelings regarding your products or services. This is done through providing consumers with helpful, informative resources that they will share with their referral.

No need for telemarketing.

The truth is, most people hate telemarketing; the national Do Not Call registry is full of millions of Americans tired of endless phone calls. With a word-of-mouth campaign, you are given a chance to reach these people. They may see or hear their friends and family talk about it on social media, especially if you have a referral program. So, it is important to promote such a program and encourage your customers to share their love for your company with everyone they know, while offering them an incentive for spreading your company’s name.

When considering new marketing ideas, do not discount word-of-mouth straight away. Done the right way, it can really help your business gain notice and help create a loyal customer base, without you having to do very much. You will be surprised how much an effective word of mouth marketing campaign will do for you.



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