Marketing with google maps.

August 20, 2011

When I started looking for a place to move to I hadn’t a firm idea of what I wanted. I knew I needed to find a place close to work, convenient and by convenient I mean close to things, and with a good environment. These were  the general variables I wanted, and basing my search on these criteria would’ve been almost impossible were it not for google maps. My search for apartments had one other anchor, which is that it had to be near my place of work.

My search started like this, I drove around and stopped in various places where these variables were present and used the Google map app on my iPhone to search for apartments within a given radius of that location. I would drive around, then I would bring up google maps application and search for “Apartments” the application would then pinpoint all the apartments within a radius of my choosing. I could then with street view gloss over the apartments and settle on 5 apts that sparked my interest.

I did this 2 times and settled on an apartment that I wouldn’t have found without Google Maps because it was well hidden across train tracks and a forest like area.

The applications for business search was immediately made apparent. Today I use google maps, together with street view to find everything and if what I’m looking isn’t on the map then there’s very little chance I would find it. Now, I’m not the only one like this. The marketing applications are wide and vast. I’m finding businesses on google maps displaying information out side of the pertinent info that google provides and the future is grand.

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