Selling your product or service

Microsites & Landing Pages

Technology is rapidly changing the way that people interact and use the Internet. One of the biggest ways that popular websites are changing is through the growth of microsites & landing pages. These online sites are a departure from websites of the past, in that they are trimmed down and easier to comprehend. These types of sites are intended for niche markets or products, and designed to be straightforward. 

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The goal of a Microsite

Microsites & landing pages allow the webmaster to quickly get their message across. If the website is designed to sell a product or service, these styles of websites are excellent choices. Microsites in particular are meant to display very little in the way of unneeded text. Because of the microsite’s small form factor, there aren’t many words on the page typically. 

This keeps the user focused on your product or service, and allows them to see everything your product or service is about on one page. This stripped down approach also narrows the users focus and keeps them engaged for a short amount of time. This concept grows when you are talking about landing pages. These are also one page layout style of websites, but are geared for direct call to action elements.

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Trimmed down and focused

Microsites engage visitors quicker

Whether it’s selling your product or service, or simply collecting data for your newsletter, both microsites & landing pages are the wave of the future. Being able to briefly communicate and speak to your users in a direct tone keeps their engagement short and your message focused. 

If you are running a business based around a niche product or service, consider turning your website to a microsite today. The proliferation of microsites & landing pages across the Internet shows how popular these kinds of websites are becoming. Being on board with these kinds of websites keeps you ahead of the competition and ready to take on a new generation of Internet consumers.

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