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Landing Page & Microsites

A landing page in its purest sense is a website that is focused to a single page and allows you to capture a visitor's information through a form. There are two types of landing pages one being the click-through landing page, and the other is a lead generation landing page, each accomplishes different things but both focus on a service or a product so that a customer can easily make a decision through the information available. The decisions you want them to make is to supply their information in the form.

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Collects information to engage with the prospect later.

Lead Generation Landing Page

A lead generation landing pages purpose is to collect information so that later we can connect with the prospect. So in this instance, we want to collect the prospects name, phone number, interests, and any comment they might have, and if we can collect this, then later we can contact them to offer our services. For instance, imagine that you are a tax preparer and you want to collect leads for people who are interested in having their taxes done, then this would be the option to gather those leads. 

The lead generation landing page allows prospects to see everything about your product or service on one page. This stripped-down approach also narrows the users' focus and keeps them engaged for a short amount of time. With this strategy you want to communicate value and other takeaways that will motivate your prospect to give you their information. We design effective lead generation landing pages to convert your visitors/prospects into leads that turn to customers. Schedule a time for us to have a conversation and let's talk about your project.

Warms up and describes a product or offer in sufficient detail.

Click-Through Landing Page

Whether it's selling your product or service, or simply collecting data for your newsletter, the goal of the click-through landing page is to motivate the visitor to your page to click through to another page. Being able to briefly communicate and speak to your users in a direct tone keeps their engagement short and your message focused. This type of landing page is typically used in a funnel website strategy whereby you want your visitor/prospect to be motivated enough to click through to the next page, whereby the next page may be a shopping cart or a registration page, ie, a page that brings them closer to making a purchase decision.

The best way to set this up is as a path along your inbound marketing roadmap. When inbound advertising traffic is directed at a shopping cart or a registration page this may lead to a poor conversion, but if you bring the prospect first to a landing page this can help in increasing your conversions when they click through the landing the page onto where they have to make a purchase decision. Contact us, let's have a chat and talk more about your marketing.


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