Recent Case Study

Developed a professional image that garnered more commercial & residential contracts for our client’s arboriculture business

From CRM systems, call trackers, to a comprehensive analytics frame work. I worked with JL Trees to understand and grab their market share.

JL Trees had a lot of skill sets and I worked with the company to communicate those to their key target customers. The result was nothing short of exceptional.

Delivering Ideas + Innovation

As a premier tree services company JL Trees wanted not only an image that communicated their breadth, in addition to that they wanted systems that would allow them to track every lead from the site. They realized that a CRM system would allow them to continue stay on top of their customer base and be proactive within their geographic area. I worked with them to deliver that solution.

Setting up varied business solutions that tracked, analyzed, and aided business efficiency is a task that requires working in tandem with key decision makers. I was glad to work with JL Trees because I learned quite a lot from it.

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Business Solution

I worked with JL Trees primarily to build out their business solutions. And from there I rebuilt and optimized their marketing which included a comprehensive website development that delivered and tracked leads.

360º Marketing Plan

Building a brand is a task that is delivered through consistent efforts on multiple fronts. And executing on that is crucial. From blogs to design every thing needs to be developed with the goal in mind.

Secured Website

There are numerous attempts to hack websites and when I built out their business solutions I also took the proactive approach of installing a firewall. This has stopped a record 100 hacking attempts a day.