Social media, a dialogue inducer and trust builder.

November 17, 2010

Simple question; what makes a business? Is it the product? is it the service? Is it the system?

The number one ingredient in a business is the combination of individuals, your employees and your customers. The interaction between these two groups is the dynamic force that grows organizations.  As an ongoing business you’re probably thinking how would I drive customers to me and in this day and age it is easier that ever. Utilizing social
media an ongoing business can quickly build dialogue with it customer base; a two way communication channel where information flows freely between the two parties.

Social media, dialogue inducer and trust builder.

Social media has developed into a special form of marketing, but rather than seeing it as a way to broadcast, social media is more effective when it is positioned in its proper place, as a dialogue inducer, trust builder, and mindshare grower. When a business starts to develop dialogue with its customers, the business starts to build trust which in turn leads to loyalty. The increase in loyalty creates fans which leads to word of mouth advertising, which brings in more customers and so on. Social media today has expedited the way a business can gain on the mindshare front within the marketplace, what took years in the past can now be accomplished quicker with the dynamics of social media.

So what makes a business? People make businesses and the secret to a successful business is to engage your customers and your employees and we do that by developing dialogue between the two. Today we do it more effectively with social media, “Don’t leave home without it”

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