Your mobile app is now prepared for use by the general public after many sacrifices and arduous hours of work. However, simply putting your app out there will not be enough to draw consumers. You cannot disregard the competition in the mobile industry because there are probably already apps available that offer services that are comparable to yours. Even apps that offer unique features require marketing and advertising to draw consumers.

Over 50% of people who use mobile applications learn about them by word of mouth, while only about 32% find them online, according to a Google study that looked at how users discover, use, and stay engaged with apps. This shows that more people use the apps that their social network recommends, making social media one of the best tools for online marketing to generate awareness and attract potential customers.

How can I promote my Mobile App for free?

Using current various marketing strategies and tactics available, including everything from guerilla marketing, word of mouth and out of the box creative thinking, all of these can limit your marketing costs. Effective use of the promotional strategies listed below will help your app build recognition and engage potential users.

Use of social media

Numerous studies have shown that word-of-mouth and social media are the main ways apps gain popularity and expand their user bases. The extent of the marketing and promotion on social media platforms affects this efficacy. Like Facebook and YouTube, some of these services are cost-free.

Additionally, building a user base prior to an app’s release will aid with social media promotion. One can develop referral programs to market a mobile app and entice users to tell their friends about it after it launches, thanks to this app’s user base.

Use In-App and online ads.

Do you recall the Google study on how people discover and use apps? It was found that 33% of app users discovered them through in-app advertisements, while 32% did so through online advertising. We don’t want that much of a percentage lying around.

Additionally, you risk putting all your eggs in one basket if you solely target social media users. In-app and internet advertising should be considered if you want to reach consumers who aren’t on social media. Additionally, you can work out a deal with other app users to do free cross-promotion of each other’s apps. This will assist you in saving money as well.

Public relations strategy and offline campaigns 

An additional powerful strategy for advertising a mobile app is media coverage. You can ask that information about your app be published by contacting editors and organizations like bloggers, internet publications, and business blogs. It is crucial to identify your target audience and explain why the material will be useful to them.

Offline campaigns are possible with banners, stickers, streaming services, posters, and stickers. Whatever the chosen promotion technique, you must determine your budget and test the chosen approach on a smaller audience.

Promoting your apps through Google search

You can use Google AdWords as a marketing technique to get the crucial campaign resources you need to advertise your products online. Its tools simplify connecting with potential customers and demonstrate what makes your product stand out. Google advertisements will help you market and promote your app by driving more traffic to the app store and increasing the number of phone calls to your company.

Additionally, Google ads let you choose where to promote while providing the appropriate audience. The key elements of your software can be emphasized in three phrases using Google advertisements, and you can design eye-catching banners to engage your audience. Thanks to the Google AdWords campaign, your mobile app can be shown on additional Google partner websites. People who look up apps comparable to yours on Google will also see adverts for your app.

How do Mobile App’s get noticed in the app store?

The general requirement to be featured is to have a mobile app that meets the needs of its users. However, before submitting your app to the App Store, there are certain boxes you must make sure to tick. Do not forget that you are doing a bit extra to be noticed in the App store and find your audience fast.

Build a native iOS app

It’s crucial to prioritize iOS customers’ needs because Apple caters to a specific market. Building a native app demonstrates your commitment to iOS development and the user experience. iOS apps are typically higher quality and offer a better user experience than hybrid apps, where the user experience must be sacrificed so they may be utilized on other platforms. Apple will undoubtedly want to highlight apps that are made particularly to cater to the demands of iOS users more.

Design a creative icon

The importance of initial impressions cannot be overstated. This is relevant to app marketing as well. When someone searches for your app in the App Store, they will likely see your app icon as the top result. It demonstrates your application’s performance; thus, it cannot be dull or dry. To distinguish your app from others like it and drive visitors to your App Store page, it would be helpful if you produced a unique, memorable, and alluring icon.

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Proper use of ASO

App store optimization aids users in locating, choosing, and downloading apps. The app store listing and how well it adheres to its optimization criteria should be scrutinized more closely when the app is released. Mobile apps that are listed properly are easier to find and the app store algorithms will effectively recommend the app to specific customers. While there isn’t a single best strategy to promote and advertise your app, the above mentioned strategies will increase your chances of reaching the right audience and providing your company with the exposure it needs.


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