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Why are business cards still relevant? If you have a business to run, it’s important to have yourself business cards to hand out. Believe it or not, something quite like today’s business cards has been around since the 15th century. Even though business cards are centuries old, they are still relevant today and can definitely benefit you and your business.

Giving someone one of your business cards is still the quickest way to share your contact info. Texting or even receiving your customer’s or client’s info through an app is ultimately slower than handing out a business card.

What does a business card represent?

The business card represents a part of many different business practices. To business men and women of different backgrounds, the business card is something to appreciate and not simply to shove in your pocket. If you’ve turned your business card into an affordable marketing tool, you could say that it represents a coupon or a part of a marketing campaign.

Another, more modern, element a business card can now represent is your digital connection. QR codes offer a way to connect your business cards to the internet. This NFC (near-field communication) technology can help you link your client to something specific from your business, whether it’s a product page, a digital copy of your business card or a coupon.

One thing is for sure, a business card represents the start of a relationship. It symbolizes your company and that is what you stand for. When it is exchanged, it will represent the conversation you had with your client, the product you offer, and be a marker of how much your client can trust you.

For some, a simpler design works for their business. For others, something more unique is better. Whatever your strategy is, it is important that your business card is eye-catching so that you leave a long, lasting impression. Don’t forget to put some thought into your business card’s design and order some as soon as you can so you’re ready for your next opportunity to network.

What are the five benefits of giving out a business card?

The first benefit of giving out your business cards is the good impression it leaves on your potential customer or client. Appearances make a big impression on people in the business world, whether you are in sales, medicine, or entrepreneurship, for example. If you want to make a good impression, having a business card to hand out at the appropriate time is a great way to do it. Making a good impression, and looking professional, will help you both to earn your client’s trust and also to start doing business with them.

There are many levels which you can take your business card to. Even a simple business card is an affordable solution for marketing your business. There are also many other more creative ways to affordably market your business through your card. That is why it’s greatly beneficial to have one.

Another benefit to giving out your business cards is pretty straight forward – it helps people remember you and your business. Peoples’ lives are busy and it’s easy to forget about your meetings a few days later. Having a business card added to their notes will help your customers remember you after you’ve left.

Business cards are the fastest way to exchange your contact info. So, if you’re deciding to become a business man or woman, reap the benefits of having a business card handy by making it a rule to always carry some around.

One more benefit of giving out business cards lies in the formal business world. If you’re going to hit it big with your business, having a business card to hand out is a great way to put your foot in the door to experiencing formal business customs without any regrets. From California to Florida, presenting a business card is often one of the first gestures you make at a formal business meeting as a way of introducing yourself. You can make a great impression and strike the business deal you want by having a business card.

What can you do with a business card?

The customary formal business practices with business cards are an example of one thing you can do with them. To take a deeper look into the affordable marketing benefits of business cards, here are some of the other ways to market with them. If you’re making a follow up appointment with your client, you can write down his or her appointment on the back of the business card. It’ll remind your client when to see you. Not only that, your appointment reminder will also serve as a tool to keep your business on your client’s mind, everytime they look at it.

Another way to use your business card is by turning it into a “bag stuffer” at conferences or charity events. Your customers may put it on their fridge afterward. A business card is one of the many marketing materials which people preserve after events to remember you by.

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You can also make your business card a referral card, which you give to a customer in hopes that the customer proceeds to give it to his or her friend. That way, for that customer to earn a reward, their friend has to shop with you. Similarly, you can use your business card as a discount card by adding a promotional code to it. Use these ideas to turn your business card into a great marketing tool.


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